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Justice Brothers have opportunities in the marketing of our products at different levels and throughout the world.

The Justice Brothers Corporation has many opportunities for the self-starting individual who enjoys the challenges and rewards of running a growing business. You might be asking yourself, what kind of market exists for the Justice Brothers product line.

This question can best be answered by looking around you. The cars owned by the people in your community. The fleets of vehicles and cars owned by the businesses in your community. Manufacturing plants, building maintenance and much more. Where ever metal meets metal, or internal combustion takes place, the need for a Justice Brothers product is there.

So who is your customer? New Car Dealers, Quick Lubes, Independent Auto Parts Stores, Garages and Fleet Service Centers are a few of the many customers that rely on Justice Brothers products.

Additionally, don't forget industrial markets. Justice Brothers products help engines and equipment to last longer. In addition the continued use of the products help to reduce overall maintenance costs of vehicles or industrial equipment. These points, which are important to the individual consumer, really add up to the fleet owner or plant manager.

The Justice Brothers corporation received the prestigious "E"-Award from the President of the United States for export excellence. We also were recognized as the exporter of the year for Southern California. Both of these awards attest to our commitment to our customers both in the United States and overseas.

At Justice Brothers we specialize in quality and service. Sure we could deliver a cheaper low-quality product. But we believe "the bitterness of low quality is around long after the sweetness of low price wears off."

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.