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Here's what a few of our valued customers have said about our products.

"Many years ago I used several of your products with amazing results. I don’t normally use aftermarket additives because most of them are just hype. I swear by JB products."

J.B., Moore Haven, FL

"I have had some of your JB Products given to me and I use them here at my body shop. My delima is I’m almost out and can’t find the stuff anywhere. WD40® and PB Blaster® can’t shake a stick at JB80®. Help!"

R.G., Denver, CO

"I used your products years ago. Actually put some Justice Brothers Transmission Conditioner in my Harley engine. Recently tore it down to have the cases drilled to accept bigger cylinders. All the engine specs after riding for 20 something years are still within new specs. I’d like to buy some Justice Brothers Engine Treatment. Where can I buy some?"

J., Youngstown, OH

"If you do a search on the Ford Mustang GT500 or any recent Tremec transmissions for the matter, you will find all sorts of issues with the synchros. Your Justice Brothers Gear Oil Treatment fixed them all. In fact it shifts more smoothly than ever. Fantastic!"

R.F., Scottdale, AZ

"JB80® is one of the most helpful things I use around the shop, working on tractors, combines and other machines. I truly do appreciate the hard work Justice Brothers does in making great quality products. Keep up the amazing work."

J.K., Wahpeton, ND

“I wanted to write and thank you guys for your quality products, especially your Automatic Transmission Conditioner. I have used it in two vehicles that I bought with “bad transmissions”.
The first was a Ford Escort stuck in 1
st gear. I poured in some Justice Brothers and it started working by the end of the street. Sold the car for $1,000 profit.
The 2
nd car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee that would hang up in 2nd gear. I didn’t even think about looking at any other transmission chemicals. Justice Brothers got in working in a few miles after pouring in a can. That truck sold for a profit of $1,800.
So, for the cost of 2 cans of Automatic Transmission Conditioner, you guys have made me $2,800 in cash profits. I am thrilled and recommend you guys to anyone with a sticking trans.

S.C., Mont Alto, PA

"Recently, the Fuel Injector System cleaner made a believer out of me. . . after trying 3 other products on this car, JB's did the job in one tank! Thanks!"

B.S., Avon, OH

"Dad and I got some JB-80®. This stuff works!!!! It has pulled us out of two serious situations and allowed us to keep racing! LOVE THE JB-80® and the Engine Treatment."

B.B., Canada

"WOOO HOOO! Running at 170 degrees! Distilled water + Justice Brothers Radiator Cooler® = me very happy!"

M.S., Las Vegas, NV

"Here's some information on a customers car I worked on. It was a 2006 6.0L Ford Diesel with 132,682 miles on the odometer. I originally found the fuel pressure at minimum spec of 45 psi. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure came up to 50 psi, but it still ran rough on cold start. Two injectors were dropping out and the other six didn't look good on the graph. The turbo boost was only 19.8 psi cold and warm engine. After performing the injector cleaning with your Justice Brothers products, the engine idle quality was much better on cold start up and the boost went to 30 psi on a warm engine. WOW! We were all truly amazed. The original recommended repair was to replace all 8 injectors, but we decided to 'experiment' and clean them first. We saved the customer a lot of money and made him very happy."

J.B., Laramie, WY

"I worked as an engine overhaul mechanic for the local Dodge dealer in the late 1970's. At that time JB's Engine Tune-Up was the best thing I ever used for our used cars. I saw engine RPM's go up 500 to 800 RPM in just 10 to 15 minutes of idle running. I can't say enough about your products."

K.W., Ogden, UT

"Here is a picture of our snowmobile that just broke the class record in Super Stock class. We use Heavy Duty Vehicle Lubrication Additive, JB-80® and your 2-Cycle Oil. We swear by the Heavy Duty Vehicle, we call it 'God' in a bottle"

P.G., Eden Prairie, MN

"The independent garage I have used for many years suggested I try your Justice Brothers Engine Tune-Up and the Justice Brothers Fuel Injection System Cleaner instead of the usual brand of products I have used for years.

So I added one can of each. He told me that after adding the additives, put 50 to 100 miles on the vehicle and check the results. To say the least I was totally shocked at the results. My Ford Expedition with 126,000 miles, 4.6L V-8 increased its in-town gas mileage from 14.9mpg to 16.2mpg. The highway mileage - speeds between 65 to 72mph, went from 16.6 to 20.8mpg."

P.B., Newton, NC

"I want to take a minute of time to relate an experience from last weekend. We were replacing the transmission in a '97 Mustang which had obviously had no work done on it since the nuts and bolts beneath the car were rusted and very tight. The mechanic had struggled with the ‘other well-known' spray lubricant (in a blue can) and I gave him my can of JB-80®. In seconds, the bolts he had struggled with were loosened. He immediately threw away the ‘other spray-lubricant'. I drove off with a new transmission, but he wouldn't give me back the JB-80®! I have another can at home."

L.J., Bartow, FL

"As an ASE certified Master Automobile Technician and being in the auto repair industry for over 20 years. I can NOT live without JB products. JB-80® is by far the best product I have ever used It truly is TWICE as Good®!"

U.N., Los Angeles, CA

"If you do a Internet search on the Ford Mustang GT500 or any recent Tremec transmission for that matter, you will find all sorts of issues with the synchros. Your Justice Brothers Gear Oil Treatment fixed them all. In fact it shifts more smoothly than ever. Fantastic."

R.F., Phoenix, AZ

"There are a lot of "stop leaks" on the market but Justice Brothers Engine Stop Leak is simply the best I've ever used. I used the product on a Case H-4 farm tractor that had a leak for 15 years. I thought there was no way to stop this leak. . .I tried everything including soldering. Then a friend recommended your product, the leak stopped and hasn't reoccurred - thanks for an excellent product."

"P.S. - You saved me hours of downtime, I can't thank you enough."

K.B., Minneapolis, MN

"I am writing to say how pleased I am with your products.

I have been using your coolant, transmission, and emission's systems products for some time and have been very pleased with the results. The transmission service has eliminated the need to drop the pan to change the fluid and eliminated shifting concerns I have had. The coolant system services have done well to clean out the entire coolant system and allow the engine to run cooler. The emission system service has cleaned the fuel system and improved my fuel economy.

But after using your 2-cycle motor oil, all I can say is WOW. I use your 2-cycle in my outboard boat motor and love it. I used to use the engine manufacture's 2-cycle oil all the time. My motor always ran good on it, started fast with it, but exhaust smoke was always present. Since being introduced to your oil, my motor runs more quiet (for a 2-cycle outboard motor), starts even faster, and almost no exhaust smoke. I also found that the spark plugs have less buildup on them. It even has more power since the fuel/oil mixture burns better.

You have a great product line and I have recommended it to many, many people.

Thank you."

R.R., Dillsburg, PA

"I own a PT Cruiser. I was having a noise with my power steering. I took my vehicle in to the local dealership here and was told I was hearing things. From there I took the vehicle into a OK Tire Store here in Bismarck to have them look for the problem. They removed some fluid and added Justice Brothers Power Steering additive. There is no more noise.

A week or two later I was speaking with my son-in-law in Minnesota, and he was telling me his minivan was making the same kind of noises. He tried your product and it took care of the problem. Thank you very much!"

T.S., Bismarck, ND

"JB-80® is awesome! We had a bolt on our 1951 Ford Tudor that our impact wrench wouldn't get off. It had 56 years of rust and road grime build up on it. I sprayed each bolt with JB-80® and waited 5 minutes. Most of them came out literally by hand. By literally, I mean, I broke the tension with a socket, then used my fingers."

J.B., Stillwater, OK

"JB-80® is a great product. Please have a salesman contact us."

T.M., Centralia, WA

"We use your Justice Brothers Radiator Stop-Leak in our fleet of lorries as it the best we have ever used. We need more!"

T.W., Great Britian

"We would like to take the time to thank Justice Brothers for their superior product. We use Justice Brothers products in two Sprint Cars and in a Super Pro Drag car. We put it in the motor, rear ends, and steering. We have not lost any of these parts since using Justice Brothers additives. It is an awesome product that we would recommend for every race car. In addition we use Justice Brothers JB-80® for all lubricating needs and it is definitely superior to any other product on the market."

K.G., Martinsburg, WV

"I have heard no complaints about your product, I am impressed on how efficiently they work. I use them in my '70 Chevy Super Sport Nova. Ford, Pontiac and Dodge. I plan to keep buying your products because nothing else can beat them period.

The Super Radiator Cooler worked phenomenally when I used it in my vehicle. I also use JB-80® along with most of the items you produce out in my garage. I will buy more in the future for other cars I am going to build and buy. Thanks."

J.F., Bloomington, MN

"First I want to say that your products are the best I have ever used. I previously owned a gasoline Dodge 1500, and used the fuel treatment, oil treatment, and the transmission treatment products regularly. They worked great and helped the truck run to 180,000 miles."

P.D., Medina, OH

"Thanks for the transmission additive. It definitely works. The temperatures from our transmission have dropped 10 to 15 degrees plus we have been pulling very consistent."

M.P., Middletown, OH

"I'd like to buy some more of your injector cleaner. It's the best I've ever used."

E.M., Irwin, PA

"Years ago, I worked in an auto parts store and we carried Justice Brothers products after seeing the impressive demonstration. We came to discover that the Justice Brothers products were the best of their kind that we carried. Some time later, my Cadillac started making a bit of lifter noise. I pulled the valve cover on that side to check for worn or broken parts, found none, and adjusted the rockers on that side. It still had an occasional issue until I poured in the Justice Brothers Oil Treatment.

I have used a can of Justice Brothers Oil Treatment with each oil change at 4,000 miles and the lifters are still quiet even though the car and engine have 380,000 miles on them. It still gets great gas mileage and does not use oil between changes.

I never thought it would make it past 150,000 and I made a deal with the machine shop on the rebuild. He is still waiting and the car still runs good. I send him a picture of the odometer every 50,000 miles. I plan to rebuild it at 400,000 no matter what, but I said that at 200,000 and again at 250,000 and then 300,000. It has become a game now, but really, 400,000 and that’s it!"

B.M., Hayward, CA

"I have seen amazing results with the Engine Tune-Up where sticky lifters are involved, worked great."

C.L., Spanish Fork, UT

"By the way your JB-80® works great for lubricating a hole saw that I was using to cut over 400 - 1" holes in a project I was working on. Thanks."

C.F., San Antonio, TX

"Thank you for your fine product, Fuel Injection System Cleaner. I bought it at NAPA auto parts in Garfield Heights, Ohio and would tell everyone to use it, for it really works and saved me a lot of money, too!"

W.P., Garfield Heights, OH

"I have an old 1977 Ford F-250 and recently I had to remove the wheels. God only knows the last time they have been off. Using only a hand breaker bar and JB-80® to my surprise and delight all the wheel nuts came off with ease. I thought I'd write and thank you for a great product. JB-80® sure made that job a lot more pleasant."

W.A., Somerset, WI

"Today my vehicle got stalled in traffic with no reverse or forward gears working. Luckily, I was in the property of a NAPA store. I was ready to call for a wrecker when the salesman suggested your product. I purchased it and within 45 seconds after adding it, my car resumed its normal status. Thank you very much for manufacturing this product (Transmission Protectant). I will pass on the information to friends."

J.O., Harlingen, TX

"I had a 1976 Chevy Nova that I used your products in. I put over 300,000 miles on the car and it's 305 V8 engine and never had to do anything to it. You can bet I use your products in all my cars. Thanks."

D.C., Windsor, CO

"Just dropping you a line to tell you your product, Justice Brothers Engine Stop-Leak is great. I just used it in my Chrysler station wagon which has almost 100,000 miles on it. It started to leak oil from the rear seal and I thought I would have to change the rear seal. That’s when a friend told me about your product, Justice Brothers Engine Stop-Leak. I tried it and it not only stopped the leak, but it running smoother and has more pep.

My son tried it in his Monte Carlo which has over 70,000 miles on it, and he also got the same great results with his car."

J.C., Homosassa Springs, FL

"I just wanted to express my extreme pleasure with your stop leak product. It has always worked for me and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. Thank you."

B.P., Bemidji, MN

"I wanted to mention that we are pleased with the performance of your Justice Brothers products. We have implemented your transmission kits, radiator flush kits and oil change kits into our services. We found our customers have been very pleased with the results."

L.K., Newport, OR

"I would not hesitate to recommend the use of your products. When used in the right application, they work and are producing positive results for our customers."

C.T., Portland, OR

"Wow, what a product. I have just tried your Heavy Duty Engine additive and wow. I am very impressed. I run Royal Purple® 10w/40 oil and thought the power increase from that was good. However since adding your product to the oil the engine is definitely producing more power, is quieter, and runs a lot smoother. I have also added to the drive train, everything is just so much better. I own a 1986 Nissan R31 Skyline. CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN ON SUCH A FINE PRODUCT."

A.J., Australia

"I would like to take the time to thank you and Justice Brothers for the fine additives that are made available for the car owner today.

I have used every type of additive know to mankind to reduce friction in a high performance engine, and I have found with a 12 month test on Justice Brothers oil additive and your transmission protectant that it is far superior to anything I have ever used.

By the way, I ran this test on a 488 cubic inch super-charged fuel burning engine that develops 1200 horsepower. If Justice Brother’s products will hold up under these conditions, they are A – OK!"

B.P., Tucson, AZ

"I need more of your great Engine Degreaser, it's the best I've used."

J.C., Cleveland, GA

"I have been using your products by choice over the other lesser expensive brands for over 30 years. Keep on producing your quality products in the USA. I don't mind paying more for a quality product, to keep our people here employed."

A.L., Eveleth, MN

"We have used your products for over a year and, knowing of the good results we received from them, I feel it is time that you are made aware of some facts.

Up to approximately one year ago we were using other additives to alleviate certain problems in a line of vehicles we sell. We got little or no results but continued using these products as a formality.

Your salesman urged us to give your products a trial and we received very good results immediately. Since that time we have used your products with the same consistent good results. It is refreshing to find an item that lives up to its manufacturers claims with an absolutely fool proof guarantee. Your company and your sales personnel are to be congratulated for, quite simply, a good product with no high pressure selling.

I fully recommend your additives to any service center."

R.B., Pasadena, CA

"I would like to thank your company for developing and manufacturing such a fine product as Justice Brothers Diesel Fuel Supplement. Thanks for making a product that does what it says it will do."

R.W., Springfield, MO

"I wish to lend my endorsement as to the quality and performance of Justice Brother’s products. In just two months of using your gasoline / oil products, fleet oil consumption has been reduced 50%, engines run cleaner, require fewer tune-ups and we have fewer problems with clogged fuel/oil filters. As an independent operator, your stuff really has to be good - - - or I wouldn’t buy it."

R.L., Colorado Springs, CO

"I operate a fleet of 13 over-the-road trucks and use Justice Brothers Diesel Fuel Supplement, Oil Treatment, Chain Lube and JB-80®. The use of these products has resulted in a continued savings in my operation. Thanks!"

R.D., Parkers Prairie, MN

"During my 45 years of automotive engineering experience, I have built complete engines for auto racing. It has been my privilege of winning the Indianapolis 500 with an engine and car of my complete design. I have worked closely with the automotive industry for these many years; therefore I believe my opinions to be worthwhile. It has been my experience that the Justice Brothers products perform under the toughest conditions. I have had excellent results in both my Mercedes and Volkswagen cars and recommend them to anyone."

A.S., San Clemente, CA

"About a week ago my daughter returned from St. Cloud where she is attending St. Cloud State University. She had her car at school all winter, but didn’t drive it.

When the nice weather arrived she started driving it, but had trouble with the transmission. Taking it to a shop in St. Cloud she was told that it would need at least $125.00 worth of work done on it. She brought it home to have the work done here rather than in St. Cloud where she isn’t familiar with the shop.

I checked the level of transmission fluid and found it didn’t show on the stick. I added a quart of fluid and the next morning it was a puddle on the ground, it appeared to have run right through. I then filled it with fluid and added one can of Justice Brothers Transmission Stop-Leak. I have been checking the level for the past week and it is remaining at the full point and no puddles underneath.

By using your product, I figure we saved $125.00! That’s pretty hard to beat."

R.J., Excelsior, MN

"In our opinion automotive chemicals are a rip-off, but Justice Brother’s products are the exception to prove these two die-hards wrong.

We operate a service station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and last week we tuned a car with 30,000 miles for a traveling salesman. This was a late model car and we could not make the car perform at full throttle. Due to the persistence of our Justice Brothers salesperson, we put a Justice Brothers Emission System Cleaner Kit to the test. The final result was a very happy customer with a car operating at its peak performance.

You have proven to us that in the automotive chemical field, Justice Brother’s products are number 1 and we have yet to see a close second."

G.H., Tulsa, OK

"Since I was first introduced to your excellent line of products, I have been an avid user. I also “spread the word” to all of my friends. In just the past few weeks I have purchased over $40.00 worth of Justice Brothers products (which I must say is extensive), with fantastic results.

I have never written to a company about their products before, but I had to let you know how firmly I believe in the Justice Brothers line of products."

D.H., Clovis, CA

"Thank you for your help! It really works! I was having a difficult time with my old Cadillac. The car was making a terrible “thrashing” noise and was missing.

I took it to the local Cadillac dealer twice and to my local garage twice. The opinion of the experts was that I had a “stuck valve lifter” and the automobile was too costly to repair. Following a suggestion, I used Justice Brothers Oil System Cleaner, Justice Brothers Engine Tune-Up and Justice Brothers Octane Booster. After ten minutes, my Cadillac started running better, and the engine noise disappeared. My “old Cadillac” with 140,000 miles started running perfectly, with no noise and no miss. The car now has 144,000 miles and continues to run without noise and without a miss.

You have made a believer out of me – it really works!"

W.W., Sierra Madre, CA

"I would like very much to take this opportunity to thank you for putting out such a fine product on the market. I am referring to your Justice Brothers Engine Stop-Leak. I was really going thru oil. I couldn’t figure out where it was all going and my car doesn’t smoke much, but the oil was going somewhere. So I took my car to Ray’s and he checked it over and told me it was leaking out of the seals and gaskets. He then introduced me to the money saver. I added a can of your Engine Stop-Leak and it stopped right there. I was using two to three quarts of oil a week, and this is no joke.

So I invested five dollars in your product and it saved me a bundle. I don’t write many letters, but I had to let you know that you are satisfying a lot of customers in this area. This letter is not a hoax or anything else, but the truth.

P.S. – Your product is one I can trust."

R.H., Ashland, OH

"I wanted to write this letter to let you know of our complete satisfaction with the various Justice Brothers products that we are buying from your distributor for our automotive and industrial lubrication needs.

In one instance, we used your oil additive in a compressor shaft bearing which was lasting approximately four to five months and running extremely hot. After the application of your product, the operating temperature dropped approximately 25% and the bearings are lasting almost a year.

We are also quite pleased with your other Justice Brothers products such as your Carbon Blaster® and Diesel Fuel Supplement which has improved significantly the operating efficiency of our truck fleet."

R.K., Centralia, WA

"I heard from a trusted friend about the effectiveness of your products. I am impressed."

F.C., Douglas, GA

"If I ever go back into the auto parts industry, Justice Brothers will be my chemical line of choice.

By the way, there's a 1976 Chevy Cheyenne with about 425,000 miles on it, parked out in the parking lot, that is VERY grateful for Justice Brothers."

B.H., Longmont, CO