What Is JB Metal Conditioner?

JB Metal Conditioner® is the name of Justice Brothers proprietary additive package to reduce friction and wear in the engine. Used and proven by some of the world’s top racing teams, it helps improve the overall efficiency of the engine and other systems where metal to metal friction occurs.

A recent article in POPULAR SCIENCE magazine stated that “Last March, tribologists at Argonne National Laboratory and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland found that automakers could reduce inefficiencies in vehicles by 61 percent within two decades-simply by incorporating current tribological advances in, say, lubricant additives or surface coatings.”

Here’s a few more answers to common questions:

Why should I use Justice Brothers Oil additives in my car?

Friction is your engines worst enemy. Much of the power your engine develops is lost just in overcoming its own internal friction.

Short trips, stop and go traffic in hot summer months will cause high engine temperatures. High engine temperatures will break down motor oils, and lead to premature engine wear and shorter engine life.

With Justice Brothers oil additives that contain JB Metal Conditioner® in your engine, they protect your engine under these high stress situations with an extra margin of safety. JB Metal Conditioner® Treats the Metal, Not the Oil®. Engine run cooler, smoother and quieter, using less fuel and delivering increased horsepower.

Will the use of Justice Brothers oil additives affect my car’s warranty?

The use of Justice Brothers oil additives will not “void” your car’s warranty. In fact, Justice Brothers manufactures these products for use by several car manufacturers around the world.

Can Justice Brothers oil additives be used with synthetic oils?

Yes, all Justice Brothers oil additives can be used with synthetic oils. They are compatible with all motor oils, Domestic, foreign, multi-grade, mineral, and again synthetic.