What Makes Us Different?

Family Owned & Operated

First, we are a family owned and operated business. It’s been that way from the beginning and it still is. We’re not owned by some big corporation that is owned by some other big corporation that is located somewhere overseas. And while we’re at it, if you ever call us, don’t worry about pushing 1, 5, 7 or any other number. Believe it or not we actually have an honest-to-goodness human being answer our phone. I guess we’re on the leading edge of personal service. If we owned a Service Station, we’d probably pump your gas too!

Made in the U.S.A.

All of our products are formulated, blended and manufactured in the U.S.A. We know that we might be in the minority here, but it’s what we believe in. An honest to goodness American made quality product. Our employees in the U.S. also think this is a great thing too!

Authentic History in the Automotive & Racing World

Our company was founded from the love of the automobile and high performance. The Justice Brothers started building race cars during their teenage years in Paola, Kansas.  Paola is a small Mid Western town that is located about an hour south of Kansas City, Kansas, dead center in the American Midwest. It has a town square with a bandstand and everything else that small town America represents. From there, they migrated to Southern California and were involved in the construction of some of the most legendary vehicles and race cars of that time. In fact, many of them sell for millions of dollars to collectors today. From California they moved to Florida before the formation of NASCAR. When NASCAR was formed, the Justice Brothers were the first sponsors and created the first uniforms which were worn by every competitor at that time. The truth is, we have a history and heritage with the automobile and racing that none of our competitors can match. Sorry about that guys, but there is no substitute for the real thing. If you’re interested in a more complete story of our history

A Full Line of Products

We offer a line of products that numbers in the triple digits. From a simple single product to a line of products that now cover the car from the front to the back, we’ve got it. In addition, there are products for Semi Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture and Industry.

A History of Innovation

Over the history of the Justice Brothers and the company has been a long list of innovative products, some which have created new categories in the industry. Here’s a short list of a few we’re really proud of:

  • 1950’s - The World’s first Transmission Stop-Leak
  • 1960’s - The World’s first non-acid, non-alkaline safe Radiator Cleaner
  • 1970’s - The World’s first Catalytic Converter & Emission Control System Cleaner
  • 1970’s - The World’s first non-solid Engine Stop-Leak
  • 2010’s - The World’s first Diesel Emission Control System Cleaner  Kit

Products Backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee

Here it is, GUARANTEED TO SATISFY OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED. Do you see any small print? Seven words that spell out our policy. That’s it. It’s really simple, we make our products to work, and we don’t plan on refunding money due to our product being inferior. Kind of makes sense doesn’t it? But if for any reason, you’re not satisfied, send in your receipt and we’ll happily send you a refund.

Our Support of Racing & Race Teams is Legendary

We’ve supported racing for over 75 continuous years. Even our friends at a company with three initials, can’t make that claim. Most if not all of our competition are in and out of racing. Sort of like many of the companies that make a big splash for a year or two. One day they think it’s good and the next day, its history. We’ve always thought racing is good; it’s part of our roots. It also pushes the limits of our products. Couple that with the fact that our company was founded from the proceeds of the sale of a race car built by the Justice Brothers, we feel it’s important to stay true to our roots.