PART NO. JB/80 (NET WT. 13 OZ./369 g)

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The Incredible Multi-Use Spray Lubricant that's TWICE AS GOOD!®


JB-80® is the spray lubricant choice of professionals around the world. It's TWICE AS GOOD!® For eliminating squeaks, loosening anything listed, protecting metal from rust & corrosion. JB-80®, is the Spray Lubricant on Steroids!™



A simple spray of JB-80® eliminates annoying squeaks by lubricating the affected surfaces. Easily sprayed on hard to read areas, JB-80® contains no silicone, stops squeaks from hinges and other mechanisms and lubricates locks for smooth rust-free operation. Keeps lawnmowers rust-free and lubricated for easy operation.


After JB-80® is sprayed on metal it goes to work leaving a protective guard against rust and corrosion. JB-80® keeps chrome parts in top condition when applied at regular intervals.


JB-80® penetrates deep, through rust and corrosion, to loosens "rusted" parts. JB-80® penetrates grease and grime to clean the surface, while at the time, forming a rust and corrosion resistant barrier. (NOTE: If grease or grime is "caked" or "baked" on, clean surface before lubricating for best results.)


Spray JB-80® on spark plugs, distributor caps and ignition cables of wet engines to eliminate electrical shorts caused by driving in rainy conditions.


"Dad and I got some JB-80®. This stuff works!!!! It has pulled us out of two serious situations and allowed us to keep racing! LOVE THE JB-80® and the Engine Treatment."
- B.B., Canada

"I operate a fleet of 13 over-the-road trucks and use Justice Brothers Diesel Fuel Supplement, Oil Treatment, Chain Lube and JB-80®. The use of these products has resulted in a continued savings in my operation. Thanks!"
- R.D., Parkers Prairie, MN

"I have an old 1977 Ford F-250 and recently I had to remove the wheels. God only knows the last time they have been off. Using only a hand breaker bar and JB-80® to my surprise and delight all the wheel nuts came off with ease. I thought I'd write and thank you for a great product. JB-80® sure made that job a lot more pleasant."
- W.A., Somerset, WI

"By the way your JB-80® works great for lubricating a hole saw that I was using to cut over 400 - 1" holes in a project I was working on. Thanks."
- C.F., San Antonio, TX

"We would like to take the time to thank Justice Brothers for their superior product. We use Justice Brothers products in two Sprint Cars and in a Super Pro Drag car. We put it in the motor, rear ends, and steering. We have not lost any of these parts since using Justice Brothers additives. It is an awesome product that we would recommend for every race car. In addition we use Justice Brothers JB-80® for all lubricating needs and it is definitely superior to any other product on the market."
- K.G., Martinsburg, WV

"JB80® is one of the most helpful things I use around the shop, working on tractors, combines and other machines. I truly do appreciate the hard work Justice Brothers does in making great quality products. Keep up the amazing work."
- J.K., Wahpeton, ND

"I want to take a minute of time to relate an experience from last weekend. We were replacing the transmission in a '97 Mustang which had obviously had no work done on it since the nuts and bolts beneath the car were rusted and very tight. The mechanic had struggled with the ‘other well-known' spray lubricant (in a blue can) and I gave him my can of JB-80®. In seconds, the bolts he had struggled with were loosened. He immediately threw away the ‘other spray-lubricant'. I drove off with a new transmission, but he wouldn't give me back the JB-80®! I have another can at home."
- L.J., Bartow, FL

"As an ASE certified Master Automobile Technician and being in the auto repair industry for over 20 years. I can NOT live without JB products. JB-80® is by far the best product I have ever used It truly is TWICE as Good®!"
- U.N., Los Angeles, CA